Michael Avenatti Claims He Was Blindsided By ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Fox News Banner

No love lost between these two…

After months of insults hurled from their respective media perches, Fox News titan Tucker Carlson battled Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti in a surreal television segment on Thursday evening.

“Stormy Daniels is right now working in strip clubs in little towns onstage, people are throwing things at her. You’re wearing a $1,000 suit. Why are you not paying her?” asked Carlson as he accused Avenatti of “exploiting” the adult film actress alleging an affair with President Trump.

“Meanwhile, you give the president a pass who had unprotected sex with the porn star with a four month son at home!” boomed Avenatti, later asking “When was the last time you saw porn?”

“You’re a little creepier than I realized,” quipped Carlson.

As the two yelled over one another about hush payments, unprotected sex and morality, a banner flashed across the bottom of the screen: CREEPY PORN LAWYER TOYING WITH 2020 RUN

Although Carlson previously called the attorney “the creepy porn lawyer” in numerous segments on his Fox show, Avenatti felt blindsided by the banner—and was not aware the producers decided to use it until after he left the studio.

“I expected to be treated with respect, and certainly not to be lied to,” Avenatti told Observer by phone on Friday morning. “I had no idea until after the show because I don’t have any way of seeing the camera lines when I’m on set.”

“I thought that it was a new low for Fox, which is saying something,” continued the attorney. “And I thought it was pathetic and cowardly of Tucker Carlson.”

Tensions between the two escalated off-air in Fox’s Washington D.C. studio.

“I told him he was a joke and I meant it,” said Avenatti when asked about what was said during the commercial break.

“I think it’s bad form to repeat off air conversations from the set, but you can imagine what it was like,” Carlson told Observer in an email. “His claim that we lied to him about anything is absurd. We didn’t say anything that I haven’t said publicly many times before. I think the segment speaks for itself. I hope people will watch it.”

The showdown between Avenatti and Carlson followed months of insults between the two men over social media and cable television—this past spring, after accusing Carlson of lying to his viewers over an invitation to appear on the show, the attorney tweeted out the contact information for a Fox News booker. While the segment failed to deliver a nuanced debate over the two’s opposing viewpoints on topics like immigration, the Russia investigation and campaign finance violations, it did provide sensationalism—though maybe not as much as they had hoped for.

“There were many final points that I wish I had gotten in,” said Avenatti. “I’m still waiting for an answer to my question as to when the last time he viewed porn was and I’d also like to know the last time he went to a strip club because I think he’s an absolute hypocrite.”

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