Drunk Lyft Driver in Austin Has History of DWI Arrests

Last week Lyft passenger Alex Grant posted on Reddit about a ride from hell, in which his visibly drunk driver braked at a green light and attempted to change lanes at an intersection before being pulled over for a DWI. Mr. Grant’s only consolation prize from the company was five free rides with a maximum value of $25 each.

New details have now emerged about the incident, including the driver’s name, Allen Edmonds. Local Austin news station KVUE, an ABC affiliate, reported that Mr. Edmonds was pulled over less than three miles away from where he picked up Mr. Grant.

“When he leaned over he smelled really heavily of beer,” Mr. Grant told KVUE. “I did watch him do the sobriety test. It looked like he failed it pretty hard.”

Lyft’s statement to KVUE was eerily similar to the one given to the Observer—spokesperson Alexandra LaManna simply reiterated the company’s zero-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol, and said that Mr. Edmonds’ access to Lyft had been removed.

This actually isn’t the first time Mr. Edmonds has botched a sobriety test. He was arrested for DWI and possession of a controlled substance in 2004, and spent two days in jail.

Mr. Edmonds was still eligible to be a Lyft driver, however—drivers are only ineligible if they have been convicted of a DUI, or other driving or drug-related violation, in the last seven years.

Mr. Grant wants to see that policy change.

“When you’re getting into a Lyft, you think that you have a safe ride,” Mr. Grant told KVUE.

He also wants more compensation from the company.

“Five rides is not really much,” Mr. Grant said. “Kind of puts a weird value on my life.”

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